Ready to kick sugar and feel damn good again?!

Give me just 30 days.
Feel healthier, more energized, and clear-minded than you have in, oh, say... forever.

Give us 30 days. 
And you’ll get to feel healthier, more energized & clear minded than you have in a year. 

*Yep, you read that right. Studies have shown that kicking refined sugar to the curb can unleash a whole new level of wellness in your life. Say hello to boosted energy, improved sleep, an uplifted mood, and feeling amazing in your own skin. Say goodbye to brain fog, cravings, acne and fatigue.

This isn't a fad diet or a temporary fix. I'm not going to give you some crazy juice cleanse, feel restricted or make you eat bland, boring meals. I'm here to give you real, sustainable results that will leave you feeling empowered long after these 30 days. You deserve to feel your best. You in?

You could feel Healthy AF.
in just 30 days.

Get rid of those sugar + carb cravings

More energy. All day, everyday. *even that afternoon slump*

Glowing, clear skin. Less acne. 

Better sleep. 

Improve your digestion.

Boost your immunity. 

Boost your focus + mood

No more Brain fog. 

Less anxiety. 

It's time to Thrive.

Lets do a 30 day
sugar detox. 

Balanced Hormones

Lara's feeling damn good: 

"This is THE wellness reset you need after the holidays!"

Mel got her groove back:

I wanted to do a health reset after the holidays. And I was interested in doing a Dry January. This was exactly what I needed!! No sugar + booze for a month, but in a way that felt empowering instead of restrictive. I feel better than I could have hoped! 

Steven Started his own biz

“Ginny encouraged me to finally go out on my own and start my own business. I don't regret it for a second!


real results

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need a plan you can stick to and feel excited about. You just want someone you trust to tell you what works and what doesn't.

So, let's cut through the chaos of the wellness world together, empower you to thrive without feeling tied down, and share the secrets of what actually works I've discovered through years of testing with hundreds of clients. Trust me, this course is worth the hype. 

You're in the right place.


I was honestly surprised how easy it was after making brand swaps and lifestyle changes.

 Paying for a course was a push that I needed to get me to commit to 30 days and it was worth every penny. From the motivation to the meal plans to grocery lists and check-ins. 10/10 recommend to everyone to do!

1. I felt better overall, but also mentally. My mood was better, I got out of bed easier.
2. I lost 6lbs! Without any restriction or feeling of ‘diet’
3. Physically I felt awesome, I had extra energy for workouts and didn't feel sluggish during the day.




i get results


Every other sugar detox out there is always about restriction. This course is SO empowering. The meal plan is delicious. I felt Full, I felt Satisfied, I was never hungry or felt restrictive at all, and in the 30 days I even lost 5 pounds and feel leaner and stronger! Who knew a detox could help you reframe your whole mindset on food! 




i get results.

The biggest thing I saw was that I had no gut issues during the challenge which I usually have once or twice a week.

I'll have to be honest....the first week of sugar challenge was tough for me! BUT After that everything started to get better and I was able to stay the course for the entire 30 days!! Once the cravings were over my mood got better and I was more productive and had more energy. I did also notice my midsection got more toned and I’m even sleeping better. I'm happy so with the results! I wish I had this course about 5 years ago but so thankful that I’m doing it now!!”




We get results.

Thank you for creating a fantastic program that changes lives!

This course has every single step you need to do this 30 day reset successfully. I went in unsure if I could do it, but they prepare you so well that I crushed it with ease. Super proud of myself. Also - the recipes are so good. By FAR worth the price. I’d pay triple for how amazing I feel now. 




We get results.

The biggest change I realized was how much what I eat affects me as a whole. 

This was a full body reset. The biggest change I realized was how much what I eat affects me as a whole. My brain fog LIFTED, I feel clearer, I have more focus, I have less anxiety, and my mood even feels more stable in the day. This was the brain & body reset I needed!




We get results.

Wellness  workbook 

Full meal plan, grocery lists & recipes

10+ course videos & weekly accountability

Follow a proven roadmap



The Sugar Rx

 Cut out refined sugar  for 30 days & change your life.
30 day meal plan, grocery list & step-by-step guide to make it happen. 

Let's break it down

Here's What's Inside


Feature One

Meal Plan

+ Full meal plan to follow for the entire 30 day challenge.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Healthier Sweet Treats. 

+ One organized weekly 1 shop grocery list to follow. 
No overwhelm. Delicious Recipes. 

 Designed by Arianne who is certified in Holistic Nutrition (so you know it will make you feel good), a chef (so you know it will taste good), and Health Coach (so you know it works). 

You'll feel healthy AF, without a feeling a loss. We focus on everything you'll gain. 


Feature Two

Empowered > Overwhelm

Ready to break free from the cycle of ineffective courses? Here's the secret: it's all about mindset, habits, and routines. In the first week, we've got you covered with a *very* organized checklist to prep your body, mind, and pantry.

"I started the course nervous if I would be able to do this. By the end of the prep week I felt empowered + excited to start! I did 30 days with ease and feel amazing!"


Feature Three

Wellness Workbook

You wanted a roadmap? I've got you. 


Feature Four

Work with
the experts.

I know this shit. And I'm damn proud of it. I've lived this wellness journey personally  &  run this course with hundreds of clients to figure out exactly what works and what doesn't.

Bonus Videos with Paige Lawrence (Olympian, Positive Psychology Expert, Mindset Coach) to get your mindset optimized to succeed with ease. 

Learn exactly how to read labels, make brand swaps and overhaul your pantry.

Bonus: Mindful eating 101, 80/20 rule, tips on eating out + more

10 Practical tips on overcoming cravings 

Weekly Journal Prompts, Self Talk Swaps + Mindset Tips to Thrive with Ease

I love data. Mind Body Scan to track your results, symptoms + progress!

Weekly checklists, full meal plan, recipes  & convenient grocery list. 

Weekly emails to keep you on track and accountable. 

Weekly course videos to empower you, pump you up & explain the science.

How It Works

First this

Prep Week. Revamp your pantry with label reading and swaps. Experience mind-blowing "holy shit" moments. Prime your mind, so you feel confident, intentional, and empowered AF. And let's not forget about prepping your body—hydrate optimally and get ready to start! The countdown to your transformation starts now.

Then this

30 day Sugar Detox. No Sugar & Booze for one month. But never a feeling of loss. Indulge in delicious recipes within a comprehensive meal plan, including healthy treats. It's time to kick sugar and embrace a healthier, more vibrant you.

Then this

Finish the challenge feeling better than ever—literally. Get excited about the positive results you'll experience. Feel empowered with newfound knowledge on how to fuel your body.
Feel Better than you have in years! 

Hey, I’m Arianne,
Your New Hype Woman.

I am on a mission to help ambitious women like you cultivate a healthy lifestyle that allows you to fully show up in the world as your most radiant, healthy, unstoppable self.

I've lived a pretty action-packed life so far! Who goes from being an underdog who's told they'll never make it, to the Olympics, to breaking their back, winning a gold medal and then retiring, mysteriously ill? This girl, that's who! And don't even get me started on all the docs who told me I was crazy. Spoiler - I wasn't.

That's why I went on to become a certified in holistic nutrition, move to NYC, become a chef, and work at a food magazine. Four years later, I finally found out I had chronic Lyme disease. Answers, at last. And then this year had to get spinal surgery and start all over again. My zone of genius is creating crave-worthy recipes that just happen to be damn good for you.*

If you're intrigued by my story and want to know more about my wild ride 

I've got some crazy stories, but I've also got some serious knowledge to drop about nutrition, healing, wellness, self care and living your best damn life.

cert. Holistic Nutrition
Send Bars Cofounder

I wasn't always in my wellness era.

I know what it feels like to feel burnt out and broken. I know what it’s like to want to feel better & healthier, and have no clue where to start. I also know what it feels like to feel confused and overwhelmed by wtf “healthy” choices we should be making.

And I’ve done the work to find a better way by blending my experiences, my education & my knowledge. The first time doing a 30 day sugar challenge changed my life! And I don’t say that lightly. I had more energy, stable mood, gained muscle mass and got leaner (which was important to me at the time training for the Olympics), my skin cleared up and I stopped getting sick all the time.

Keeping refined sugar out now, helps me thrive with a chronic illness, radically lowered the inflammation in my body and is the foundation of feeling my best. Plus it gave me empowered confidence on what to eat to fuel my bodies. I can’t wait to see the changes and positive results in your big beautiful life (because I obviously have a tool to track results! No fluff here folks).

The most rewarding part of walking beside you on this path is getting to witness the radical transformation you experience within yourself, your life, and your body firsthand. I love getting to cheer you on. 

Are you ready to feel like a healthier, more alive you everyday? You’re in the right place.

Im not special. Neither are my clients. They just followed the proven & tested framework. and so can yoU!

Your Benafits
Are you ready for this?

LESS headaches, anxiety, fatigue & burnout⁠.

MORE vitality, immunity, improved mood & clean energy.

LESS crash dieting, fads and calorie counting⁠.

MORE nourishing intentions, ingredients & actions.

LESS confusion and what-the-hell moments about "healthy" foods.

MORE education and empowerment to make choices that are right for your body.

LESS brain fog, frazzle & acne.

MORE focus, clarity, & glowing skin.
Gut + Brain Conenction Baby

Unlock your potential. Have the energy & vitality to step authentically into who are you meant to be.

I’m Ready! i want in.

LESS energy rollercoaster all day & feeling bloated. 

MORE happy digestion & feeling energized all day.

LESS brain fog, frazzle & acne.

MORE focus, clarity, & glowing skin.
Gut + Brain Conenction Baby

80% of the grocery store has HIDDEN sugar in it. 
It's in your condiments, your sauces, your yogurts, your peanut butter and you don't even realize it you’re eating it.

Hidden sugar is the problem.

— Me, yesterday

Did you know

Real Results

Dani got her Groove Back...

I thought it was normal to NEED a 3pm coffee, have headaches all the time, and have serious sugar cravings when stress hits. This course changed my life. I have no more headaches, I have energy all day, I love my new sweet treat recipes. The brain fog i've had for years is gone! I lost 7 pounds without thinking about it. I am crushing it at work with this new energy and focus and ZEST for life! We want you to be healthy & bold AF you said… you were right! Seriously, take this course. It's worth every penny.  

Real Results

Jaclyn's feeling
WAY better

"I didn’t notice the benefits of the sugar challenge until after it was finished and I started to add sugar back in - that’s when I SO clearly recognized how much better I had been feeling! Sometimes you don’t realize how bad you were feeling until you feel SO MUCH BETTER! "

real results

Paulo is crushing his goals.

"The 30 day sugar challenge was my starting line to regaining my health! As I progressed through the no sugar challenge I started noticing I got more and more energy. With that new energy I was able to start exercising more. I set a goal to walk 2000km in 2020, so far I’ve walked over 2600km and counting. With all that, I lost over 20 pounds. I used to be so fatigued, I was just tired most of the time. Now, I have way more energy than ever before. Totally doable, totally recommend it.”

real results

Sam's entire life changed.

I cannot even put it into words how appreciative I am. I have tried to remove sugar for years - and just couldn't. But you set me up for success in such an amazing way! It was not nearly as hard as I thought with you by my side. It sounds wild, but my kids have less crazy tantrums, my partner lost weight and comes home every day with so much energy, and I cannot believe the changes in my body and energy. 

A month from now you'll wished you started today....

So Let's Get you Started!

Course Value: 

Coaching with Arianne $1500

Course Workbook + Videos $500

Full Meal Plan $100

You get access to everything for...

Free free free


Grab your seat today and get my recipe ebook for free. 

All recipes are crave worthy delicious and just happen to be healthy for you!  When you finish the 30 day Sugar Detox, you'll have amazing recipes to enjoy, satisfy your cravings + feel healthy. 

Yes, It Really Works:

Jesse got leaner & more energy.

The meal plan is legit worth this
course price itself! 

I am a busy entrepreneur + parent and having one grocery list to follow, a bit of prep on sundays, and amazing dinners each night was incredible. We kept doing the meal plan for 2 months because we felt so good on it! Never restrictive or diet-y. But my partner and I both got leaner, had more energy, more focus at work and felt more productive. 

Shauna is thriving at work. 

I have less overwhelm, more energy. And I even lost a few pounds (without trying!)

This course help you realize how much investing in your health and what you fuel your body is the best investment you can make. The course is literally worth 10x this much in value!  I’m literally so much more focused now without brain fog. The meal plan is AMAZING. My skin looks great and I just feel BETTER! So worth it. 

Jill overhauled her health & lost 20 pounds. 

“If your on the fence about taking this course I’m telling you JUMP, run and sign up it’s life changing! "

This course is absolutely amazing! I never thought there was anyway I could complete the 30 days. We are still refined sugar free 3 months later .. I could not have done this without the coaches and this program ! My husband has lost 30 lbs and myself about 25!! Without any ‘dieting!’, just real food and tuning into your body!. The amount of inflammation that’s gone is crazy!! If nothing else just this was worth it! 

This program includes everything you need to cut refined sugar & feel good.


money back 

Try the Program for 10 days. Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

That's how much we believe in this. Hundreds have taken the course, and we've had zero returns.
This program has the power to profoundly change your life. 

If you don’t feel it’s the right fit, submit your completed course workbook and you’ll be eligible for a refund. The reason we ask for this is simple: if you do the work + show up, you’ll get tremendous value.
Refund eligibility has a firm deadline.

Which would you prefer?

A month from now…

you can either have a month of progress & real life change

OR a month of excuses.


Students who have taken this course


Number of times I had a dance party about that


of people who saw positive results! 

email me

Still on the Fence?

Lets fix that.
But remember, your health & vitality is an investment, not an expense.
Read the FAQ section or Send me an email,
always happy to connect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i access the course?

You'll have access 24 hours/day whenever you want in your course app called Kajabi (on your phone or computer!). Simple to download + ease. Every video, workbook, and resource at your fingertips when you need it.

How long do I have access to the course?

A lifetime. Once you join, all resources, recipes and videos are yours to come back to when you need. 

Whats the food like? is it gf? paleo? vegan?

The meal plan is whole food focused and not subscribed to a specific diet (like paleo or keto).
 All the recipes in the meal plan are refined sugar free. They are mostly GF and DF (with the ability to make them all GF & DF if needed, easily). The meal plan is omnivore, but recipes have the option to be Vegan if needed.

Will i need to invest in anything else?

Nope. There are no hidden fees. Once you press that GO button you’ll be equipped with every single thing you need to succeed.

Are the recipes difficult or Time consuming?

Nope. We suggest prepping for 30 mins on the weekend for added efficiency. Breakfast is simple and quick. Lunch is always leftovers from dinner. And Dinners are 15-35 minutes on average. We hope you take some time to pause, make dinner and mindfully enjoy it every evening. But these are designed for the busy in mind. 


Heck yes. You are getting access to the years of expertise of  Arianne who charge 10x + this price to work with 1:1.  Plus bonus access to Coach Paige Lawrence. With every single step you need to succeed. No confusion. No overwhelm.  + Remember, your health & vitality is an investment, not an expense. And it's also the foundation of everything you do. 

Is the meal plan portion control or a diet?

No, the meal plan is not based on portion control or counting calories or macros. We're not here to restrict your hunger. If you're hungry, please eat! Our meal plan is filled with delicious food, snacks, and treats. While we avoid refined sugar for the month, we replace it with whole food sugars like dates. The goal is to empower you to discover what makes your body feel its best. Although it's not the primary focus, many people actually report weight loss while enjoying more food than before.

Do i have to start on a certain day?

Nope. Once you join, you pick your personal start date that works for your life! Ill be following up with you via email though to keep you accountable for starting! 

Can i do it with a friend?

Heck yes! We love accountability buddies. But please each purchase your own course so you get unique logins, ebooks and access. There is a lot of work, expertise + love poured into this course, ensuring it is packed with value, and I appreciate your support.