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Send Bars Co Founder

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I launched my company - Send Bars with my amazing CoFounders, launched 2 new flavours and we're up to BIG things. I started creating content for YOU on social and 100K of you have joined - I'm blown away and grateful. It wouldn't be a true adventure without a few bumps in the road, and I recently underwent spinal fusion surgery (in feb). I'm focused on healing my body, getting nerdy about resetting my nervous system, and holding strong to my wellness rituals that keep me balanced. 


Looks like I finally have an answer to the mystery of my ailing health. After what felt like a never-ending journey of doctors' appointments, I finally found out that I have Lyme disease, CIRS, and some pesky co-infections. But you know what they say, knowing is half the battle! I'm doubling down on my healing journey and learning everything I can about how to kick these suckers to the curb. When life gives you Lymes right?


I uprooted my life and moved to the city that never sleeps. That's right, folks, I'm now a proud student at a NYC's culinary school, and I'm loving every minute of it (even when I'm elbow-deep in dough at 10 pm). I also landed a gig at a food magazine where I get to test, write about and taste some of the most mouth-watering dishes in the city. Life is sweet, my friends, and it tastes even better in New York!


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After breaking my back and experiencing the transformative power of food, I decided to take the plunge and enroll in CSNN to become a certified holistic nutritionist. That's right, folks, I'm now a card-carrying member of the health and wellness world! Despite all my newfound knowledge, I'm still dealing with those health issues. I went from olympic fit - to now barely making it through the day. 


First, I broke my back (ouch), which forced me to change everything and dive deep into the power of food and nutrition. Then, I had to relearn everything, only to come back stronger than ever and win my first-ever gold medal. Talk about a comeback! But, as they say, nothing gold can stay, and a month later, I had to leave my sport burnt-out, and *very* mysteriously sick. Talk about a tailspin! Suddenly, I was left wondering who I am and what the hell I'm going to do next.


You see, folks, I was told by naysayers that I would never make it to the Olympics (literally), but oh boy, did I prove them wrong. There's nothing like the taste of sweet, sweet victory, especially when you were told it was impossible. Fast forward a year, and I'm standing on a podium with my first ever medal. That's right, folks, when life gives you doubters, make sure to prove 'em wrong with a medal around your neck.


I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the company, the confidence or my health...

 I've lived a pretty action-packed life so far! I mean, who goes from being an underdog who's told they'll never make it to the Olympics to breaking their back, winning a gold medal and then retiring, mysteriously ill? This girl, that's who! And don't even get me started on all the docs who told me I was crazy. Spoiler - I wasn't.

That's why I went on to become a certified holistic nutritionist and move to NYC to become a chef and work at a food magazine. But wait, there's more! Four years later, I finally found out I had chronic Lyme disease. Answers, at last. And just 2 months ago, I had to undergo spinal fusion surgery. Curveball. 

So, if you're intrigued by my story and want to know more about my wild ride, stick around and let's chat. I've got some crazy stories, but I've also got some serious knowledge to drop about nutrition, healing, wellness, self care and living your best damn life. Let's do this thing!


I am on a mission to help ambitious women like you cultivate a healthy lifestyle that allows you to fully show up in the world as your most radiant, unstoppable self. From nutrition courses to personal thrive coaching, and from mouth-watering recipes to self-care + mindset tips, I've got everything you need to unleash your inner badass and start thriving like never before. I've lived this all first hand, I've seen it work in hundreds of clients and now its your turn. So, are you ready to join me on this journey to becoming the healthiest, well-thiest version of yourself?
Let's do this!

based on a true story

While on the surface her athletic career was decorated with achievements, underneath the shiny veil her journey was filled with overcoming naysayers who told her that she would never amount to anything.

Over her career as a professional Luger - AKA expert high-speed tobogganer - she competed at the 2014 Olympics, 50 World Cups, 5 World Championships and won 2 World Cup medals. No big deal, right?

 Arianne went from the best in the world to bed bound with a mysterious, debilitating illness that was eventually diagnosed as chronic lyme disease (after 4 years). 
The bright side? The same tools that helped her reach Olympic heights have helped her regain control of her life and her big, bold ambitions. 
Using her wealth of wisdom within the nutritional world, the business world (as Co Founder of SendBars) and her seasoned skills in the kitchen,

Arianne invites you to love and care for your own mind, body & guts so that your larger goals and business aspirations have a true chance to take shape and become reality.

Because ambition without balance equals agony, she eventually pushed herself to such an extreme that she quite literally broke her back. 
Some of our greatest gifts come from our greatest lows, and it was this trauma that first allowed her to discover the power of nutrition. After healing herself through food, lifestyle and mindset shifts, she came back from her devastating injury to win Gold.

Sometimes life has other plans in store for us, and soon after this...


Slow mornings,
green juice (and french fries), good skincare,
 local cafes, dogs, 
 and bold adventures.

Slow mornings,
green juice (and french fries), good skincare,
 local cafes, dogs, 
 and really great adventures.

I believe that wellness, mindset & healthy food can enhance your life & business – not limit it. I believe in hustling hard for ambitious goals, but also in slow mornings and radical self care. I believe in morning smoothies, drinking your damn water & that chocolate cake can be a salve for the soul. I believe your mindset has the power to keep you playing small, or feeling like a confident, resilient warrior - it’s up to you. I believe in courage, in cartwheeling past our comfort zones, doing something new every month & inspiring you to do the same. I believe in 80/20. 80% of the time, doing the goddamn best for yourself, 20% of the time - indulge, let go - without guilt. I believe in shining my light as bright as it will go, and that in choosing that, I might nudge you to do the same. But most of all I believe in your true potential, your bold dreams, and that you deserve to feel like your best, healthiest, well-thyest, most authentic badass self.


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Take the risk. 

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