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It's like being a matchmaker for awesome brands and the discerning individuals who are a part of my community. 

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I love helping you wade through the noise of wellness (and I've got high standards), share products I genuinely love, and save you money while you’re at it!

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My ride-or-die culinary companions

food + supplements

From salty electrolytes to super food mushrooms, meticulously chosen to feel your best self. 


Glow from the inside out rom everyday rituals to skincare.

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Slow mornings,
green juice (& french fries), good skincare,
 owning your worth,
cute dogs & local cafes.

Slow mornings,
 green juice (& french fries), good skincare,
 owning your worth,  local cafes and really great adventures.

I believe that wellness, mindset & healthy food can enhance your life – not limit it. I believe in hustling hard for ambitious goals, but also in slow mornings and radical self care. I believe in morning smoothies, drinking your damn water, but that chocolate cake can be a salve for the soul. I believe your mindset has the power to keep you playing small, or feeling like a confident, resilient warrior - it’s up to you. I believe in courage, in cartwheeling past our comfort zones, doing something new every month & inspiring you to do the same. I believe in 80/20. 80% of the time, doing the goddamn best for yourself, 20% of the time - indulge, let go - without guilt. I believe in shining my light as bright as it will go, and that in choosing that, I might nudge you to do the same. But most of all I believe in your true potential, your bold dreams, and that you deserve to feel like your best, healthiest, well-thyest, most authentic badass self. 

food + supplements

LMNT electrolytes

what it is: 

why i love it: 

The saltiest electrolytes around.  LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix that replaces vital electrolytes without sugars and dodgy ingredients found in conventional sports drinks.

I'm truly obsessed with their product, brand and how it makes me feel! Typical electrolytes are packed with sugar. LMNT is sugar free, no weird ingredients, gf,  and vegan. More importantly, they are deeply rooted in science with a truly meaningful dose of electrolytes in a science-backed ratio. Turns out we need more salt, not less to recover. But in the right ratios! I always get a boost of energy after I drink mine. Check out their site for all the salty science. 

My go to: 

When I am working out, hiking, biking or post sauna sweaty I like their citrus, raspberry and watermelon! I'm a half stick pack in a bottle of water girlie, but you find your optimal salty level! 

But I also LOVE their chocolate or caramel chocolate flavors with hot water as en evening ritual! I truly thought chocolate was the stupidest flavor ever, and turns out  I was so wrong. It makes a healthy hot chocolate before bed that always helps me curb my chocolate craving + boosts my sleep quality and recovery! Seriously, just try it! 

Use this link & get a free sample box with any order! 

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(more coming soon since i am over the moon to share more with you this summer!)

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what it is: 

why i love it: 

Their DS 01 Daily Synbiotic is formulated with 24 probiotic strains, ALL clinically and scientifically studied! 
We love science. It’s not packed with cheap fillers like most brands. No Binders. No Preservatives. Sugar-free, Vegan, Gluten-free, Glyphosate/AMPA-free, Dairy-free, Corn-free. That’s what we like to see! And maybe the most important part for me when choosing a probiotic is ensuring it’s actually ALIVE when I take it! Seed's DS-01 Daily is engineered to survive digestion! Meaning the probiotic actually makes it all the way through to your colon. Bonus, they are also doing very important research on the use of bacteria to help our planet (by supporting bees, the coral reel, and how it can breakdown plastic). When I made a list of dream brands I wanted to work with, because I so deeply love what their brand, what they stand for, and how great they work - Seed was at the top. 

Their DS 01 Daily Synbiotic is a probiotic and prebiotic in one. Formulated to provide benefits for gut immune function and whole-body health for adults ages 18+. (But they also have an awesome kids one!)

My go to: 

I take 2 every morning with lemon water, while I am making my coffee + smoothie.  I've been on a monthly subscription for 3 months, and my gut is feeling less bloated + very regular ;)  It’s formulated to help your gut thrive. And we are ALL about thriving + feeling our best self! Gut Love Baby.

Use code ARIANNE25 for 25% off your first subscription

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Harmonic Arts

what it is: 

why i love it: 

I'm basically an adaptogen and mushroom cheerleader, ready to holler about their immune-boosting, brain-igniting, gut-nurturing, nerve-loving powers from the rooftops! They meet my high standards of top quality grown mushrooms, they are designed by herbalists and they give back to the planet. 

Harmonic Arts, my wellness soulmate, I have been using and loving their products for years. They are top quality functional mushroom powders and elixir blends. 

My go to: 

My personal ride-or-die includes their 5 mushrooms chocolate elixirs, their 5 mushroom powder, and my daily dose of brain-boosting lion's mane in my morning coffee.


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My Go to ride or die kitchen faves


what it is: 

why i love it: 

MiiR creates stylish, high-performance drinkware that keeps your beverages hot or cold, all while supporting people and the planet. Each product features a givecode that funds community and environmental projects.

MiiR embodies everything I believe in—amazing products that look great, work great, are made from long-lasting, toxin-free materials, and  they truly walk the talk. Products are all double walled vacuum sealed insulation, and stainless steel.  

My go to's: 

Flip Traveler: Perfect for travel days or in the car, keeps my coffee hot and never spills.

All Day Straw Cup & Wide Mouth Water Bottle (with chug lid): My daily hydration station.

Camp Cup & Grounded Camp Cup: Ideal for camping, backyard parties, and river picnics—old-school charm with modern performance.

Coffee Apparel: Top-notch for coffee snobs like me.

Cocktails: Also they have cocktail, wine, and beer drinkware! AND you can even personalize anything! Did I have Mr & Mrs wine cups at my wedding you ask? Yes I sure did. 

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(more coming soon since i am over the moon to share more with you this summer!)

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