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 I take my linking responsibilities seriously. It's like being a matchmaker for awesome stuff and the discerning individuals who stumble upon my website. So, rest assured, every single link you find here is personally tested, adored, have proven themselves in my daily life and deemed worthy of your attention. No mediocre stuff allowed around here!

Harmonic Arts

Harmonic Arts, my wellness soulmate, I have been using and loving their products for years. When they slid into my DMs for a partnership, I couldn't contain my excitement! I'm basically an adaptogen and mushroom cheerleader, ready to holler about their immune-boosting, brain-igniting, gut-nurturing, nerve-loving powers from the rooftops! My personal ride-or-die includes their elixirs, their 5 mushroom powder, and my daily dose of brain-boosting lion's mane in my morning coffee.

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Download my free 1-week meal plan and get 5 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and healthy treats, plus a one-shop organized grocery list.

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My Top 20 Wellness Habits! 

They are free + simple, but powerfully effective + empowering. Micro Habits that work.

If I had to start my wellness journey all over again (and its been a journey - cue overcoming chronic lyme, breaking my back to winning gold, and healing from spine surgery) these tips are where I'd start.

The only way your life changes is if you take action. 

Lets build your feel good, start today, sustainable path to feeling your best.  

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Ten Tricks for Better Insta Photos

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